Embracing Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Tue, Jun 7, 1:00 PM (CDT)

Join us on June 7th to learn how DTC brands can drive sustainability and social impact.

About this event

Sustainability will define the next era of ecommerce.

92% of customers want to support brands taking positive climate action. Integrating environmentally-friendly practices across your ecommerce operations increases revenue, conversions, and loyalty.

DTC brands have already started implementing greener manufacturing practices. Technology-enabled shipping platforms can strategically distribute inventory and make smarter packaging decisions. Recyclable packaging, chemical-free marketing inserts, and in-store returns further reduce the post-purchase footprint.

But operational overhauls aren't enough. Sustainability needs to have a presence across the customer journey. From onsite messaging on product and checkout pages, to opportunities for direct action. Brands need to take a holistic approach to incorporating sustainability and social action at every step of the shopper experience.

Join us on June 7th to learn how DTC brands can define and drive sustainability and social impact across their ecommerce operations and supply chain ecosystem. We'll hear from industry experts to learn how 3PLs are upgrading infrastructure to enable ecommerce merchants to offset and reduce their fulfillment emissions, make smarter packaging decisions, and drive sustainability messaging across their sales channels. 

What we're talking about:

  • Measuring your ecommerce carbon footprint
  • Strategies for reducing and offsetting fulfillment emissions
  • Creating a sustainable product life cycle and supply chain
  • Building a global carbon-offset portfolio